Text Editor Shortcodes

With the help of the text editor shortcodes, you can create shortcodes with the TinyMCE editor OR WYSWYG editor.

After you have created the shortcode, you can copy the shortcode and paste it into the text editor.

How to add the Text Editor Shortcode? How to add the Text Editor Shortcode?

  • Go to Shortcodes > Add new
  • You’ll see the Basic Shortcodes > Text Editor
  • Then click on Create link

You’ll see something like below screenshot:


  • Add the Shortcode Title
  • The content which you want to show with shortcode
  • And press the publish button



You’ll see the shortcode created into the sidebar something like: [shortcodehub id=’THE_ID’]


In above screenshot you’ll the shortcode is generated as: [shortcodehub id=’6011′]

Just copy the shortcode and use it anywhere.

Simple! right.

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How to use the created shortcode on Page? How to use the created shortcode on Page?

You can use the shortcode anywhere including page, post, products, widgets, etc.

For this demo, I’m using the shortcode on the page.

So, I’m doing:

  • Create new page with title The Text Shortcode
  • Paste the copied shortcode [shortcodehub id=’6011′] into the page content
  • Click on Publish button to publish the page.


Now, When I visit to the page then, I can see:

  • Page title as The Text Shortcode
  • And the shortcode content


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