Surror My Account Tabs for WooCommerce

To add or manage the my accounts tab is tadius task which was not complete until doing custom code.

So, We have build the Surror WooCommerce My Account Tab Extender addon which allow you to extend the My Account tabs as per the requirement.

By default the My Account page looks like below screenshot:

My Account Page

Note: I have activate the default WordPress theme Twenty Twenty One. So the my account page looks as per the Twenty Twenty One theme.

Add New Tab Add New Tab

This addon provides a easy and visual way to add new tabs from tabs list.

Add New Links

Read more about adding a new tab.

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Edit Tab Content Edit Tab Content

Simply click on the edit content link and add content.

Add/Edit Tab Content
Save Tab Content

Read more about editing tab content.

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Re-order tabs Re-order tabs

Just drag and drop the tabs to change the tab order.

Read more about re-ordering tabs.

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Delete Tab Delete Tab

Just hover on the support tab, click on delete button and then confirm and delete the tab.

Delete Tab

Read more about deleting tab.

Do you have any questions then checkout our FAQs section and still have any doubts then contact us.

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