Add New Tab

To add a new tab visit My Account page.

Go to pages and search my account page and click on view link

Pages List

After click on My account page View link you’ll see the page something like below:

My Account Page

Note: I have activate the default WordPress theme Twenty Twenty One. So the my account page looks as per the Twenty Twenty One theme.

You can see the Add new + links above and below the menus as:

Add New + Links

After clicking on Add New + link we can see the add new tab from:

Add New Tab form

Add the Tab Name and the Tab Slug in the form and click on Add New Tab button.

Add New Tab Form

Here the tab slug is automatically generated. We can also change the tab slug manually.


  • Tab Name – It is a name of tab which appear in to the My Accounts tabs list. E.g. Support
  • Tab Slug – It is a tab slug which appear in the URL. E.g. (

We can see the new Support tab into the tabs list.

Tabs List


In this documentation we have seen how to add the new tab into the My Accounts page.

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