Do you want documents and knowledgebase in WordPress? And you have trouble managing them?

QDocs – Ultimate Documentation and Knowledgebase WordPress plugin was born to help you take your WordPress media library
to the next level 😉


Add New Doc

To add a new doc is easy process.


Track the document analytics with:

  • Most Popular Docs
  • User Feedback with Likes or Dislikes.


  • Breadcrumb

    With the help of qdoc_breadcrumb you can display the breadcrumb.

  • Document List

    With the help of qdoc_list you can display the document list hierarchy.

  • Table of Content

    With the help of qdoc_toc you can display the table of content.

  • Last Updated Date

    With the help of qdoc_last_updated you can display the last updated date of the document.

Import & Export

Easily Import and Export your docs.

Widgets, WP CLI Command and more..

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